Our cows have free range of many acres of fresh pasture everyday and have 24 hour access to pasture and shelter. We do not use any antibiotic, steroids, hormones, or anything else that is not naturally available to a cow. Our cows are supplemented with a nutritious feed that we make on farm many of the ingredients are grown on farm as well. All our cows is processed by a USDA inspected/approved facility that is certified as animal cruelty free.

Prices List

Ground Beef ( 85% lean) $7.50 LB

Sirloin Steak $10.50 LB

New York Strip (1′ 3/4) $17.00 LB

Delmonico  Steak $17.00 LB

Ribeye Bone In $15.00 LB

Flank Steak $10.00 LB

London Broil $7.50 LB

Cube Steak $8.00 LB

Chuck Roast $7.00 LB

Boneless Stew Meat $7.00 LB

Filet Mignon $21.00 LB

T-Bone- $16.00 LB

Petite Tenderloin $9.50

Flat Iron Steak $10.00 LB

Short Ribs $6.50 LB

Shoulder Roast $8.00 LB

Sirloin Tip Roast $7.50 LB

Liver $4.00 LB

Ox Tail $4.00 LB


Prices may vary slightly at farmers market as we have fuel expenses and market fees.